Dresser Reno DIY


Well let me start by assuring you that I am kicking myself for not taking “before” pictures – what is this, amateur hour?

With that being said, the longer shorter dresser was solid glossy black with no knobs or pulls. The slightly taller dresser was painted solid white with gold knobs. Use your imagination!

Both dressers were given to me, and both are made from solid, quality wood. Since I had these two pieces of furniture, rather than spending upwards of $1500.00 on a new/matching bedroom suit, I decided I would make them match!


Step 1. We started by sanding off all the original paint. I bought two of THESE electric sanders and THIS set of 60+ sanding pads.

Step 2. After we sanded off the original paint, we painted + primed the dressers and drawers with THIS paint in Antique White.

Step 3. Once everything was sanded, painted + primed, it was time to stain! I used THIS stain in Provincial 211. I found this stain online at both Amazon and Walmart but found it to be much more affordable in stores at Sherwin Williams. We took about three old t-shirts and cut them into strips. We used one t-shirt strip to apply the stain by dipping and then wiping the stain across the furniture in a horizontal motion. This gave the dressers more of a natural-wood appeal. Once you have finished applying the stain, let it sit for about 30 seconds (the longer you let the stain sit, the darker the stain will be, * I was just going for a slightly antiqued look). After I waited the 30 or so seconds, I would grab a clean strip of t-shirt and wipe off the stain in the same horizontal fashion I applied it.

Step 4. Once the stain dried, I used THIS set of sanding pads to rough up the corners a little. This definitely helped to obtain that worn, antique look I was going for.

Step 5. I used THIS quick dry, scratch resistant seal to spray onto the dressers.

Step 6. I added THESE knobs and THESE pulls from Amazon to complete the look! The knobs and pulls are from different sellers. I was surprised by how well they matched and how affordable they were. *The screws that come w the pulls/knobs are very generic and may not fit your desired piece of furniture. Don’t be like me and take three trips to Home Depot before finally figuring it out. Fun fact, on my third and final trip I brought the whole drawer and dresser pull into Home Depot with me and finally asked an associate for help haha!



That’s it! 6 easy steps and less than $100 spent on renovating these dressers! Now I just have to add a new headboard and bedding and I will have a brand new master bedroom!


Amberly LewisDIY