Nashville Honeymoon Recap

Hey, you guys, long time no blog!


This post is going to be a little different from most, bc this one has absolutely nothing to do with dogs. Weird for a dog-blog, right? Lol. I get it I really do. However, as I mentioned in a recent insta post – I have been experiencing many positive life changes lately, and I want to start sharing more of that with you.


Starting with one of the most special weekends of my life – my honeymoon!


Our First night: Our first night was full of excitement and exploring. We settled into the cutest little AirBNB loft, and hit Broadway! On Broadway, we first stopped at Pancho + Lefty’s for drinks and the best queso dip ever! Then we walked around exploring all the bands and live music Broadway of Nash had to offer.


Our first full day: We woke up and headed straight for The Gulch. This is a great day-spot bc they have everything from restaurants-bars, to shopping, and lots of murals for gram worthy pics all within walking distance. The gulch also has the cheapest parking we could find! We decided to have lunch at The Hotel 404. I ordered a deconstructed chicken Caesar salad and a marg (bc I was approximately 900 degrees out) and Tyler had a chicken parm sandwich and a bloody mary!


After food, we headed to Smokers Abbey for a one-on-one Cigar Lounge Experience with one of the lounge owners, Jason. This is an “experience” that I stumbled across on while on AirBNB, booking our stay! My husband is a huge cigar fan so I thought this would be a fun way to get me involved in one of his hobbies… and it did not disappoint. We were first greeted by Jason, and then were able to go into the humidor and select two cigars of our choice, each. Being the stand-out host he was, Jason also provided us with a couple of craft beers. While in the ambient lounge, sipping our local craft beers and smoking hand-made cigars, Jason started into his spiel! He told us everything from how and where different types of cigars are made, to answering all of my husband’s burning questions! The experience was both informative and enjoyable – even for a non-cigar smoker like myself.


After the cigar lounge experience we headed out to our second lunch bc – when in Nashville, right? Yeah that’s def how the saying goes. We hit up Jack’s BBQ on Broadway and OMG. I am still thinking about that mac-n-cheese. The food was served on Styrofoam plates, but don’t let that deter you. These people are doing the Lord’s work.


After a day of walking around, and stuffing our faces we headed back to our AirBNB loft for a little nap, before getting ready to attend the Eric Church, Double Down Tour concert that night at the Nissan Stadium. That night we hit an attendance record for that stadium! Outselling NFL games, and even Taylor Swift. Okay Eric, I see you!!


The concert ended around midnight, but our night did not end there. We headed to Play Dance Bar where one of my closest childhood friends was performing! @corlistodd



Our final full day: On our final day in Nash, we hit up 12 South. We had bloody mary’s and frozé at Urban Grub, full disclosure, their seafood brunch bar looked out of this world good!! Totally regret not trying it *insert drooling emoji*

After drinks we headed to BarTaco, which I have heard rave reviews about, and for good reason! The wait was over an hour, but worth it, it was! Tyler and I found a nice spot at the bar where I ordered the best margarita I’ve ever had! Then we indulged in shrimp, swordfish, pork belly, and carnitas tacos – and each taco was more delish than the last! BarTaco is a MUST if you’re visiting or passing through Nash.



While waiting for our table, we walked around and snapped some cool mural pics. I used this tripod while on our trip.



We rounded out the trip with a little bit of culture, by attending the Johnny Cash Museum (fun fact, this is where my dog, Cash got his name) and the Willie Nelson and Friends Museum.



A few places we wanted to attend, but did not get to…

-          Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

-          Pepper Fire (another hot chicken spot, this one recommended by a local)

-          LegenDairy Milkshake Bar

-          Hunter and June

-          Biscuit Love

-          No Baked


We had so much fun on our honeymoon trip to Nashville! But we are so happy to be back home with the doggos ready to get into this whole marriage thing!


In would like to credit Natalie Kennedy Blog for a majority of these recommendations. She’s a Nashville local blogger and details the best places in Nashville HERE and HERE. Her guides were so helpful!