Silicone Sponges for the Whole Fam

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I wanted to come on here and share my discovery that is the magic of silicone sponges!



I recently switched my whole family over to silicone sponges after reading this Huff Post article and learning loofahs are the perfect home for bacteria. This article does a great job of providing tips to keep your loofahs as clean and bacteria-free as possible. However, I was on the hunt to eliminate the “perfect home for bacteria” that was living in my shower day after day.

That is when I found these two-sided silicone sponges. Made of premium food grade, antibacterial silicone, the long soft bristles are made to hold your suds in to give you a nice clean. The other side is great for scrubbing and exfoliating (any of my self-tan girls, this is a MUST). I also like how quickly it dries, which makes it great for traveling. I have the blue one, and my husband has the black – and we are never going back to hand held washcloths or loofahs.

I recently made the switch to Tula skincare. My previous face washes would provide gentle scrub/exfoliating beads – unlike my new Tula face wash, which is a gel cleanser. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Tula cleanser. However, I felt like I was just moving the cleanser and dirt across my face without really getting a deep clean. That’s when I found these facial cleansing silicone scrubbies! Again, made from 100% all natural, antibacterial silicone. There are two bristle types on each pad, which helps give you a deep clean, while still being safe and gentle enough to use for ALL skin types. This came in a pack on two, and I gave one to my hubs and we both love them.


As for the dogs, we absolutely swear by this Kennel and Kats silicone grooming kit! Originally $25.50, you can now purchase this set on Amazon for just $13.70 and you will also receive this bone-shaped bath brush for free! Plus, two-day free shipping with Amazon! All products are made using BPA-free material has no allergens and is made of non-toxic silicone and breathable fabrics.

And I’ll be honest, the free bone shaped bath brush that’s included in your purchase – is one of our most used pet products! We can’t have doggy-bath time without it. It’s comfortable and easy to hold, one side has larger silicone bristles which is great for your longer, thicker haired pets. The other side has the smaller bristles, which will work best on your shorter haired pets. As for the gloves, they are made with breathable fabric and perfect for all hand sizes (adjustable at the wrists). They contain over 260 micro-silicone bristles. While we tend to use the gloves more so around out house. I.e., wiping fur off the furniture, car seats, and even the dogs themselves – they are also perfect for hands-free bath time!



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