Our Love Story

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin! These past three weeks or so have been so packed full of major, positive life changes! I’m so happy to finally share them all with you.

A little backstory…

Tyler and I have been together for almost 5 years. We met shortly after his 6 year stent in the Air Force (2014). When we met he had been out of the military for just a few short months and had just made the move from Missouri, back to our hometown right outside of Jacksonville, FL. We met at a mutual friend’s house party, and as cheesy as it is to say, it was love at first sight. We were inseparable from that day on. About a month or so into our new relationship, we decided to get a puppy! I knew how much of a responsibility having a dog would be, especially a new puppy and a new relationship. I was so nervous that I was moving too fast and making a mistake. But I took a leap of faith and brought the new puppy into my new relationship… Best decision of my life.

our first picture together Dec 2014

our first picture together Dec 2014

the day we brought Cash home Jan 2015

the day we brought Cash home Jan 2015

Fast forward about four and a half years later…

Tyler and I have been living together in our home for almost 4 years, we have added 2 more dogs, Tyler has finished most of his schooling, and I have given birth to my blog, Bones + Blogs. We have grown so much as individuals and have created such a beautiful life together. We always knew we wanted to get married but had other things we still wanted to accomplish like buying a house, finishing school, paying off certain debts etc.

Same spot - 2016 vs 2019

Same spot - 2016 vs 2019


So I thought I knew the plan. I thought that I was impossible to surprise, I thought there was an order of events which had to take place, I thought wrong! I guess they aren’t kidding when they say “Life happens when you least expect it.”

February 6, 2019…

Because on February 6, 2019 at a Downtown Art Walk in Jacksonville, FL – the love of my life got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! We were sitting at a table in the street, listening to a live jazz band, eating food truck shrimp tempura, with our dog by our side. The same dog that has been by our side since the start of our relationship. It was the most complete I have ever felt… Oh and I said YES!


Side note, Tyler even planned and scheduled a surprise engagement photo shoot w my FAVORITE wedding photographer, Yazi Davis. Find her Instagram here (I am going to share all of those photos in a separate post)

Valentine’s Day 2019…

Let me clarify by stating that I had no plans of getting married when I woke up on this day! Tyler and I celebrated Valentine’s Day a day early on February 13th bc I was due to work Thursday night (I work full time in the insurance industry, part time waitress on nights and weekends, and blog in my downtime) but this Thursday and Friday (Feb 14th + 15th) were due to be my last days as a waitress! After a nearly a year of juggling all three hats – insurance, waitress, blogger – it was time to cut back and give myself a break.. Needless to say I did not make it into work that night!

It wasn’t until later that afternoon I saw one of my favorite local establishments post a Valentine’s Day special. They would have an ordained minister on site from 7-10pm if anyone wanted to renew their vows, or even get married! Now this is totally up my alley, so I sent it to Tyler half-jokingly. But to my surprise, he was totally game.

Unpopular opinion: but the idea of standing in front of everyone I have ever met (and that Tyler has met) to profess my deepest love/feelings – sounds like an absolute nightmare!! And on top of that I have to pay for everyone to come and watch? NO THANKS! All of that to say, we always knew we wanted to elope. So when the opportunity presented itself to get married in one of our favorite local bars for the low price of $28 – we jumped!

So we eloped in a bar on Valentine’s Day…

The minister wore a cowboy hat + bolo tie. The speakers played Islands in a Stream by Kenny Rogers + Dolly Parton (solid request by Tyler). The florals were arranged by JoAnn’s Fabric ;) We toasted w Prosecco and finished the night w burgers + whiskey from M Shack – it was spontaneous, so full of love, and utter perfection.


#wifelife #newlyweds #MrandMrs #notpregnant

Thank you to Erin at Root Down Jax for organizing such an amazing and thoughtful experience – a night we will cherish forever!

Thank you to our minister and The Universal Life Church

Thank you to our witnesses Jennifer + Chris – who renewed their vows on the same night after 23 years of marriage – and went out of their way to make our night extra special.

Thank you to the staff and amazing bartender at M Shack Riverside for the best post-wedding burgers!

Thank you to my husband Tyler, for making me the happiest wife!

Amberly Lewis