Doggy Dinner Date


It was a warm Monday evening in Riverside when Tyler and I found ourselves alone with only 1 dog. Yes, only one of the three. This never happens. And as much as I love a having all 3 of my pups out and about together, watching them react to the hustle and bustle of Jacksonville – I can’t deny there was something rather calming about just having Cash.  

First of all, he was SO calm. Cash is 3yo and still very much a puppy but I guess I never noticed before how much he feeds off of his puppy brothers. We brought Cash to an indoor bar in Riverside called Root Down. We made him a bowl of water and he sat there calmly the whole time while anticipating a pat on the head from the fellow bar patrons. I was in shock, like “whose dog is this??” Cash is always a “good boy” but he’s what we jokingly refer to as an “aggressive lover”. He wants to greet everyone in sight and he wants to do it now!

This was not the case on Monday night. We were so impressed we decided to continue the night and make a little treat out of it for Cash.

We walked across the street to one of our favorite burger joints, M Shack. Like most places in Riverside, we knew this restaurant had a nice outdoor seating area and were very welcoming to their 4-legged guests.

We found a table outside under a ceiling fan, Tyler began to prepare Cash a bowl of water and I went inside to place our order. I ordered a couple of burgers and fries for Tyler and I, and a bun-less burger for Cash.

*Tip* if you ever take your pup out for a burger be sure to order a bun-less, season-less burger! Conveniently enough for us M Shack does not season their burgers (which is crazy bc there’re so tasty!) so it’s usually my go-to place for a doggy date.

We ripped the burger up for him a bit and laid the basket next to his water, accompanied with a few French fries… And there sat the happiest lab in the world. He was beaming with gratitude and it made my heart so happy to see such a mundane event be so exciting for him!



Amberly Lewis