1 Year of Woofpack


We have officially been Shop Woof Pack subscribers for one year! We have been with them from the beginning since when they were still known as Kai Krates. Through the rebranding and many boxes later, we are still happy and loyal customers.

*Fun Fact* Kai Krates (now Woofpack) was one of the very first companies we ever collabed with!

To help mark the occasion I thought I would share one of our most recent unboxings and give a few reasons why I am still loving this subscription!

1.       Convenience – I love not having to constantly remember or worry about what my dogs have at home to play with while I am at work during the day. If they chew up a toy- it doesn’t matter! They will be receiving a new box with more toys and treats in just a few short weeks!

2.       New brands – Being introduced to new brands and items is so important, especially in the blogging world. You never know what is out there and this is a great and easy way to find out. It’s always a surprise what brands and types of goodies will be in our box each month, but more often than not I am left loving the items and the new brands I’m introduced to.

3.       Money saver – Yes this is a monthly paid subscription, but ironically I’ve noticed that it helps me save money! I no longer find myself wandering the dog toy aisles trying to decide if the 15oz hunk of plastic is really worth the $19.99 it claims to be. Nope, not this dog mom! I confidentially walk past that aisle because I know my dogs either just received a box of treats and toys, or they will be very soon!

4.       Variety – Each box comes with 4-6 items per month. These items can range from plush squeaky toys, fetching balls, rawhide chews, full sized bag of treats, etc.

5.       Custom – Each box is custom to your dog! Upon signing up you will take a brief survey, answering a few miscellaneous questions about your dog like the number of pets, dog size, chewing habits, and allergies. I chose the box for large dogs/heavy chewers. I know that whatever product my pups receive, have already been tested by a dog at Kai Krates for quality and durability.

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See some of the products and brands from our latest Woofpack unboxing below.



Amberly Lewis