Canna Canine: CBD Dog Products Review

Hello everyone,


About CBD and Canna Canine

For the past month or so I have been working with Canna Canine a Canadian company dedicated to canine health and wellness. Canna Canine specializes in Hemp CBD products for dogs. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, CBD (or Cannabidiol) is second to THC in terms of volume and has shown to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties without the psychoactive effects (the “high” or “stoned” feeling) that THC provides.

So basically an all-natural pain-reliever without the stereotypical “high”.

Here are some other facts, provided by CannaCanine, that CBD oil is most commonly used to help improve the health benefits of our dogs.


For the past few weeks I have been reviewing the CannaCanine CBD Hemp Oil and the CannaCanine Gluten Free CBD Dog Treats on all 3 of my pups. If you are still on the fence, here are a few reason why I decided to give CBD for dogs a try.

1.       Biscuit the Bird Dog is getting old and so are his joints. He moves a lot slower and has less energy than he used to. He gets over exerted easily bc he still tries to run with the best of them. His joint and mobility has become more and more apparent in little things like getting into the car, or jumping onto the couch.

2.       While I haven’t noticed any change in Biscuits demeanor, we were advised by the vet that he has a tooth that is growing incorrectly and will need to eventually be extracted. This could cause chronic pain up until and shortly after the extraction.

3.       I often joke that Carlos is my “little crack head” haha. He is so crazy and silly. He gets very hyper and very excited over the most trivial things. He gets so excited that he often works himself up into quite a little fit. The CBD oil helps clam him and his behavioral issues.

4.       This sort of ties in with #3. On top of being overly excited, Carlos also has crippling puppy anxiety. He barks and loses his mind if he’s ever left alone (which never happens, he always at least has his dog brothers there for support). He shakes incredibly bad during thunderstorms, when I leave for my day job, when there are strangers around, if he’s in a new place (especially somewhere big and open, like the beach). I had been considering a dog anxiety vest for him, for a while, but the CBD oil has been working wonders on his anxiety and behavioral issues.

Hemp oil VS CBD Dog Treats


Naturally, the Hemp CBD Oil is a little more potent/stronger than the treats.

Ingredients: Organic Non-GMO C02 extracted full spectrum CBD Hemp Oil, Organic Non-GMO Coconut MCT Oil.

I usually give each of my dogs a full dropper or two (read the recommended dosages here before administering to your dog) before leaving for work for the day. That way they aren’t all wound up and excited while stuck in the house for the next 8 hours. They get plenty or rest and relaxation and are full of energy and ready to play by the time I get home.


The dog treats are 100% Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO. There are 10 treats per bag and 4mg of CBD per treats (read the recommended dosages here before administering to your dog).

Ingredients: Organic peanut butter, organic sorghum flour, organic egg, natural preservatives, and organic hemp CBD oil. I don’t know about yours but my dogs are a sucker for anything peanut butter.

Not every night, but a few nights a week, I give my dogs a CBD dog treat before bed. Their own version of a night cap, if you will. This is just enough to relax them and ease into bed, without affecting their natural state too much.

Final Thoughts


I must admit, at first, I was a little skeptical. I thought “how unfair they’re going to feel loopy and so hungry (lol) all of the sudden and have no idea why!” After minimal research I quickly found, this was NOT the case.  All the health benefits, none of the mind-altering side effects. After the first dose, I could immediately tell something was up! Biscuit was cuddled up to dog dad with wide-eyes, Cash was passed-out cold in the hallway, and Carlos… Carlos was still going strong (I should have known he would require more than the recommended dose). This was only with the first administration of the oil. After that, they became a little more use to it, and reacted exactly as I expected/hoped.

If your dog or pet is suffering from any of the below symptoms, I highly recommended trying CBD Hemp Oil for dogs! It’s an all-natural solution with so many health benefits that really work!

Amberly Lewis