2018 Mutt March for the Jax Humane Society

Hello all, 

So this past weekend, my little family and I participated in the 2018 Mutt March to raise money for the Jacksonville Humane Society. 

My work was helping to sponsor the walk so I was more than excited to help! 

The day started by meeting at the OneCallCares table (the company I work for). This is where we officially checked in and received our registration goody bags! 

At this time we had about an hour until the march officially began, so we walked around and got acquainted with some of the vendors. 








There were so many fun and dog friendly vendors available. You can find some of our favorite vendors on Insta

@sitplaystayjax - Pet Care

@barkonpark - Pet bakery, training, day care, etc. 

@luckee_k9_kool_treats - Dog Ice cream truck/treats 

@lucylousdesigns - Custom Collars

@kaninesocial - A beer and coffee shop that doubles as a dog daycare/park. coming to Jax this spring! 


The walk itself was actually so cool! Right before it began there was so much hype, it got everyone in the mood! There was awesome hip-hop music playing, a mega balloon arch, and spokespeople informing everyone of all the money that had been raised. The dogs were just trotting around, living their best lives, and all was right in the world... Not to mention they had characters from Star Wars leading the march! 

There were two different paths to choose from when doing the walk, long or short. There are also different characters and volunteers along the way that stop to greet, encourage, and hydrate you! Along the path, there are multiple places to stop to grab a bottle of water- or a bowl of water for the pups! This kept moral up and body temps down! With that being said it was a beautiful day! I wore leggings, a light hoodie, and sneakers and remained pretty comfortable all day. 





After the walk we could tell Cash was getting a little tired. We took a break, drank some water, and took inventory of all the new treats and goodies! 



All in all I think it was a GREAT day! The weather was beautiful, we were able to get the dogs out of the house, and raise money and support for a worthy cause! If you are interested and looking to find more ways you can help Jax homeless pets, click HERE


Amberly Lewis