Dog Closet Tour

Hello all,

I spent this past Monday completing some light spring cleaning. No surprise, but a bulk of this cleaning took place in the dogs bedroom. I swept, mopped, sanitized their food dishes, and organized their closet! Whoo!

With this being said, I thought I would show you guys a little tour of my dogs closet! Emphasis on “little” lol. Some would probably think that upon walking into my house you would immediately be met with scattered dog toys, misplaced leashes, and food and treats galore! But they would be wrong :) I am actually very organized, all of my dog related items have a place, and that place is in this closet and out of sight! Most people wouldn’t even know that I have dogs, if it weren’t for the dogs themselves.

Here’s how I do it!

dog closet - full.jpg

Upon first glance, it looks a bit chaotic but I swear there’s a method to the madness. Let’s go from top to bottom, shall we? Also, I will link all products below.

Top: This is where I keep all the good stuff! The stuff I need to keep out of reach so the dogs won’t break in and chew it up. This is how they punish me for leaving them at home alone. From the left, you will see this is where I keep the portable water bowls and disposable wipes. Both of these are a MUST whenever we are taking the dogs anywhere! In the center, in the dog friendly toy basket, is where I keep miscellaneous items that don’t really have a home like doggy holiday accessories, mouth wash, pet deodorizing spray, spare poop bags, etc. To the right, you can see in the back I have empty water containers, gallon, liters you name it! I fill these up to make sure my pups always have water on hand (I try to make sure they have access to water 100% of the time). I toss them after a few uses. The boxes in front are some spare ShopWoofPack boxes that I keep on hand for pictures.
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dog closet - top.jpg

Middle: This may look like a crazy monstrosity of a jungle gym, but indeed it is not! From left to right, you will see a draw string back-pack, this is what we use as our “doggy day bag” whenever we take the dogs out. Then you will see 3 leashes, blue, camo, and red for my dogs’ everyday leash. The hunk of red rope hanging back there? Yeah that’s actually my pride and joy of this closet. The triple walker Kona dog leash, and one single walker. I love these leashes for some many reasons, read about those reasons here. I love to use these leashes for extended walks, hikes, or any all-day event. The leashes are made from rock climbing robe, and are attached to the dogs by these heavy duty carabiners. Plus a triple walker is great for walking 3 dogs in one hand, and snapping pics in the other hand. #bloglife. Keep going and you will find each of their harnesses, doggy Halloween costumes, and a bag full of doggy-bandanas! 


dog closet - center.jpg

Bottom: Not much down here bc I try to limit what the dogs can reach. The Tidy Cats releasable bin is exactly that. My brother cleaned it out for me so that I can store and keep my dogs food fresh! The cage to the right is from when Carlos was a pup, before he was house trained. I do hate a cage, but honestly you never know when you may need one.


dog closet - bottom.jpg

        Portable dog dishes

         Tropiclean Hypoallergenic Dog Wipes

          Dog Toy Basket

          Kona Triple Walker Leash

          Kona Single Walker Leash

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Amberly Lewis