Shop Woof Pack, Promo Code, + GIVEAWAY!

Calling all dog lovers! It’s about time for a GIVEAWAY, don’t ya think?

 I have teamed up with one of my favorite dog companies, Woof Pack, to bring this giveaway to you!

About Woof Pack
Woof Pack is an awesome dog box, monthly subscription service. Here’s how it works, to start, you answer a brief survey all about your pup. Questions along the lines of small/large breed, heavy/light chewers, etc. This questionnaire will help maximize your subscription box picks and make sure that your dog is receiving a box best suited for them. For example, I receive the box for large breed dogs and heavy chewers as I have 3 labs that are still not long past their puppy prime.

Every month you will receive a box, delivered to your door step, with about 5-6 items. The items are a combination of treats, toys, and dog chews. One of my favorite parts of having this service is that it has totally cut out the additional spending of random toys and treats I see in my day-to-day life. I have peace of mind knowing that my dogs have or are soon going to receive their source of entertainment and it’s not something I need to stress or worry about. Plus, if they completely destroy their Woof Pack toy, or go through their new treats sooner than expected, I do not care bc they will be receiving another box of brand new toys and treats in a matter of weeks!

The Woof Pack is a monthly charge that starts out at $25/month. Which as a dog mom I’m sure you know this is a steal for a months’ worth of dog goodies!

If you are like so many and have issues committing to a monthly reoccurring charge, worry not! Woof Pack offers other services with a one-time purchase option. Such as bundle sets, their own shop, and you can even send a gift or gift card! This is perfect if you come across a treat or toy that your dog absolutely loves!

One of my favorite known facts about Woof Pack is that they have a team of dogs to test each treat and toy that they have sent out! So every item you receive is dog tested and dog approved (not to be confused with, testing on dogs!).

If you are interested in their shop or their monthly subscription, you can use Promo Code BONES10 for 10% off! Woot Woot!

About the Giveaway
Woof Pack has been awesome enough to offer this 6” Play’n Chew Nylon Treat Bone, complete with two refills, for this giveaway!

Here are the rules
1. You must be a US resident
2. Follow @bonesandblogs and @shopwoofpack on insta
3. Tag a fellow dog lover in the comments of the Instagram post (posted to the @bonesandblog IG page)

Giveaway ends on January 19, 2018!

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Amberly Lewis