About Us


In case you missed it on Insta ;)

I've posted so many pics of my pups, I figured a little introduction might help you get to know them/us a little better. 

#CashtheDog is a lab that came from a litter of 12 with a yellow lab mom and a chocolate lab dad- hence his fun coloration. He was a gift from my boyfriend and to this day is the best thing I've ever received. He loves kids and playing in water (be it the ocean or his little puppy pool). He's two years old, an Aquarius, professional lizard chaser, amateur leash walker, and a friend to anyone he meets. He loves cuddles, jerky treats, and anything that squeaks! He doesn't love fetch or any loud noises (even his own bark). I love all my dogs but Cash is my heart - which is actually a huge understatement from anyone who knows us.


#BiscuittheBirdDog is an old soul and a childhood friend. He's been around since I was in high school and still lived in my hometown! He only recently relocated to Jacksonville with me, when he continued eating all of my younger brothers’ livestock #savage (but can you really blame him?) I couldn't, so Biscuit traded a life on the farm for an indoor more air conditioned city life. He's gained a few brothers and as far as I'm concerned, has no complaints or regrets. 


#CarlostheRescue Carlos is my goofy baby! He came into our lives after being abandoned in a box, on the side of the road. Thanks to some good samaritans, all the puppies were able to find loving forever homes. The last puppy to find a home was none other than little Carlos. I took him home after just one look, and never looked back. As far as his breed his concerned, we're at a loss. He appears to be a chihuahua with crazy long legs! But when people ask, I just give them the ol Rob Lowe quote "He's a mix, half amazing and half terrific".


No I'm not planning for their college savings, I'm not going to teach them how to drive, and I definitely don't have to deal with them talking back- but these are my babies and I am their #dogmom and I wouldn't trade any of the above for anything 💙

Amberly Lewis