Tropiclean Products Review


The first Tropiclean product up for review are these amazing Deodorizing Pet Wipes! These wipes have changed my life and here's why- If you are in the North FL area then you know it has been raining nonstop these past few weeks! Which means muddy paws need to be cleaned before coming back inside, causing me to break a literal sweat. After going through this for about the third week, multiple times a day, I knew something had to give. I thank the Tropiclean Gods for this productThese wipes remove dirt with ease and leave a light, fresh, coconut-y scent 😋 Perfect for dogs + cats! With 100ct wipes, I use about 1 wipe per dog. Which means 1 wipe has the ability to remove dirt/mud from 4 large dog paws. You can also take the wipes directly to the fur if you're wanting to eliminate that wet-dog smell. Or if you're trying to avoid full-on bath time then this product is perfect for you! This is an impressive multi-useful product that will definitely be a reoccurring item in our household! I have never tried this product before so thank you so much Tropiclean for making this dog mom’s life a little easier.

The second Tropiclean product up for review is the Awapuhi + Coconut Whitening Pet Shampoo! I have been using this shampoo brand for years! In fact, it's the only shampoo ever used on #CashtheDog or #CarlostheRescue. The shampoo is almost like a gel, it's a little thicker and doesn't take as much. It's a 20oz bottle, which is about average. This particular shampoo is for coat whitening. So it's perfect for Cash and Biscuit! It's also smells absolutely divine. This shampoo keeps their coats smelling fresh and unbelievably soft- effects lasting up to 7days! You can find these products Bark, Amazon, or straight from the Tropiclean website


The third product I will be reviewing is the Tropiclean Fresh Breath & Oral Care. This product is too easy not to use! Just a cap full in your pets’ water bowl and it will leave their breath- not only smelling fresh, but will keep it fresh by fighting plaque and tartar. With over 30 fl. oz. per bottle, you won't be having to purchase this product on the reg. This product was a first for me but it's definitely handy to have around. Especially for older dogs, like my old man #BiscuittheBirdDog  Not to mention there is no brushing required! How easy? You can find this product on Amazon, Petsmart or go straight to the Tropiclean website.  

You can always go to the Tropiclean website and they will find a retailer near you that sells your desired Tropiclean product.  

I want to thank Tropiclean again for sending me + my pups these amazing products! Tropiclean is one of my favorite brands for all natural pet products. I'm so excited we now have some new favorites to add to our #tropicleanpetproducts collection.

Thank you Tropiclean for sponsoring this post!

COLLABAmberly Lewis