National Dog Day


Hello fellow dog lovers! 


This post is all about an event we attended for National Dogs Day on August 26th. 


The event was hosted by BARK, a dog boutique in Jacksonville. I have been a big fan of this Jax dog boutique for a few years now. They have really unique dog accessories, all natural grooming supplies, and the cutest treat bar! So when I heard they were hosting this event, I couldn't wait to go! 

The event took place at The Hyperion Brewery in downtown Jacksonville. So lots of refreshments were made readily available to the dog parents, not to mention the non-alcoholic dog friendly brew they had for the pups! It was the cutest. 


Other services that were being offered were nail trim, nail dremel, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, coconut paw rub (jealous), and a kiddie pool scrub down! Each of these services also came with a doggy beer, and all of the proceeds went to a good cause! 


They also had lots of treats, toys, and chews for sale! Along with fun dog shirts for the dog moms. On the other side of the room, they were hosting a pet adoption for some of the sweetest and most deserving puppy faces you've ever seen. So I was so embarrassed when Cash tried to pee on them! *face palm* 


Upon arrival, Cash, my brother, and I met up with our friend Cody and his beagle puppy Birdee Mae! We mingled, did a little networking, and walked around allowing the dogs to get use to this exciting new environment. Cashs' favorite new friends were two miniature grey hound brothers, and a chocolate lab named Rufus. :) 





After getting ourselves comfortable we made our way over to the BARK station to sign Cash up for a kiddie pool scrub down! While I was there I went ahead and picked up a few taco treats to take to my pups at home. 

Once you sign up for your service, you are given a ticket and sent off to your designated area. Ours was the back patio! Outside we, ofcourse, found new puppy friends and a food truck! 


We waited patiently for our turn in the kiddie pool, and when it came around Cash was more than ready. Other dogs were a bit timid around the water, but not Cash! He jumped right into the pool and immediately started rolling around in the water, and the water hose only excited him more! He was such a hit. People were laughing and "awh-ing" and Cash couldn't stop licking the kiddie pool volunteer with gratitude! 


We couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate National Dogs Day! Be sure to check out the pics to see just how much fun we had, and check out BARK if you're ever in the Riverside area of Jacksonville. 


- Bones + Blogs 

Amberly Lewis