DIY Dog Bed

Hey guys!


So my dogs for the most part are super lazy. You can usually find them lounging around on the couches or in my bed, if they're lucky.



With that being said, you might find it surprising that I do not have a designated dog bed for them. Well this was not without effort. Cash, being the adorable little terror that he was, would tear into anything with stuffing. His own bed not excluded. So I quickly learned that lesson. I even tried an elevated flat mat dog bed, but he tore right through that.


Cash and Carlos usually will just set up camp at the foot of my bed, and I'm fine with that. Biscuit on the other hand, prefers his own space. He usually sleeps in the living room. It's because of this I always thought Biscuit deserved a bed of his own, but with Cash and his chewing tendencies, I knew this could never be.


It took a recent Pinterest post to inspire me and solve our dog bed enigma! I decided to make a dog bed out of an old tire in my backyard. A bed for Biscuit to relax in, and the tire to keep things Cash-proof.



The only supplies needed to pull this off

- A tire

- Large plush dog bed

- Black spray paint

- Furniture felt pads


First I washed the tire off with Dawn dish soap and an old scrub brush, then left it in the sun to dry. Luckily in this FL heat it didn't take too long. You want to ensure that you move as much dirt from the tire as possible in order for the paint to stick. For the spray paint I chose, Rust-Oleum X2 Ultra Cover, is less than $4 at your local Wal-Mart (be sure to select the one for outdoor/rubber items). The Pinterest picture that inspired me had a pink spray-painted tire bed, but with Biscuit being a boy and his signature color being hunter green or black, I opted for black. I initially was hesitant in choosing black, because I thought it might be a bit redundant. Why take the time to paint an already-black tire, black? I went on with the black spray paint anyway and I'm so glad I did! It makes the bed look so much more sharp and clean. After washing the tire, and spray painting it black, all that was left was to stuff the over-sized plush dog bed into the inner circle of the tire. I got this particular bed for $15 at our local dollar store. Then, flip your bed over, and place the felt tips on the bottom on the tire bed. This will keep any paint from rubbing off the tire and onto your floor. I purchased these furniture felt pads from Wal-Mart for less than $3.



This was a quick project that only took about an hour out of my Saturday afternoon, and $20 out of my wallet. I couldn't be happier with the results. I don't think Biscuit quite has the bed figured out yet, but I fully expect him to here soon and when he does I'm sure he'll be super appreciative of my efforts! Lol


Check out the before and after pics!

Amberly Lewis