Collab with Kona Leashes


Hello all!

This post has actually been a few months in the making. So let me catch you up.


Picture it, mid-late June I'm sitting at home, probably underneath a pile of pups and in the middle of a cliff hanging episode of Criminal Minds, when I get an Insta DM.



I open the message, a rep from Kona Dog Leashes is inviting me to submit headshots of my dog for a current dog model search. Note, this kind of DM is potentially what dreams are made of. I have always aspired for Cashs' dog modeling career to take off, partially biased, but I really think he is just such a stud pup!


Partly not getting my hopes up, partly so beyond flattered that I immediately submit 5 of Cash's best headshots.l! Because everyone has their pets best headshots handy right?


Well it wasn't too long after that, I received an email from CEO of KONAleashes extending Cash the position of their eighth dog model!


Needless to say, Cash humbly accepted his newest position!


Riddled with excitement I jumped onto the Kona dog leash website to order Cash the first accessory of what he'll be modeling.


I chose the red Multi-Purpose Climbing Rope Leash. Fun Fact * Red is Cashs' signature color.


Some of my favorite perks about a Kona Dog Leash? 1. They're made of the same type of rope as rock climbing rope, which means strength and durability. 2. Each Kona product comes with a LIFETIME warranty, this means it will truly be the last leash you will ever have to buy. 3. With each item sold, Kona will donate dog food to an animal shelter! Better yet, if you have a shelter that's dear to you, they're open to requests!


This is a company looking to give you and your pet quality products, as well as giving back to animals who need so much more than that!



Side note, I have had my eye on this Triple Walker Climbing Rope Leash for quite some time now. Three dogs, one leash? Sign me up!


Be sure to check out Kona Dog Leash here 


You can also follow them on insta @konaleashes


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Amberly Lewis