Doggy Cam


I’ve always wondered what it is my 3 dogs do all day at home while I’m at work… Do they stare out the
window and bark at every passing car? Do they play endless games of tug-of- war like the loving puppy
brother I know they are? Do they nap for 8 hours straight trying to mask the sting of abandonment?
(Omg I hope not).
My curiosity sparked when I read about an IPad compatible app that allowed you to keep an eye on your
pets all day. The idea fascinated me, and the execution strategy defeated me. I don’t have an IPad, I
have a laptop and a desktop but no IPad. I considered just trying to Skype with the pups all day, but I
assumed my computer would eventually fall into sleep mode and that idea quickly came and went.
So I considered, how much could a mild security system be? Better yet, just a camera or two? Then I
quickly remembered one of my favorite life mantras-

“If you can dream it, you can buy it on Amazon.”



So that’s what I did! Just a short amount of time spent combing through prices, reviews, and home
security camera features before I decided I had found the right option.
A few features that I knew were important to me
 Wi-Fi compatibility
 IPhone compatibility app to livestream the feed
 Easy set up (as I am not tech savvy)
 Mountable
 2 way audio
A few other features to consider
 Wireless
 Night vision
 1 way vs 2 way voice audio
 Price
 Reviews (always read the reviews)
 The option to add more than one camera to your livestream (i.e., I can only have one camera
recording on my Wi-Fi at one given time)
 Android/IPhone compatibility
 Self-standing vs wall/ceiling mounted
 360 view
 Picture quality

Some features weren’t as important to me as others, with all things considered I do believe I found the perfect camera for my little furry family


You can find the camera I ordered here

I knew I wanted something super basic that would help me keep an eye on my dogs while I’m at work,
and not break the bank. I personally did not need any of the extra features but it’s definitely something
to consider, every family is different!
So after a few months in with our camera, I’ve learned that I basically have the most boring group of
dogs! Haha! They lie either in their room or in front of my bedroom door and nap all day. Occasionally
they’ll hear an outside nose that will peak their curiosity, or even get so bored that they may break out
of their 2,500 toys they have.
I hate leaving them alone all day but it gives me such peace of mind knowing that they are at home,
safe, and behaving.
I highly recommend the puppy cam life! If you haven’t tried it already, you will become obsessed!

<3 Bones and Blogs

Amberly Lewis