What's in my Doggy Bag?

What’s in my Doggy Bag?


This topic reminded me of one of those “what’s in my purse” videos on YouTube. This is kind of a play on that, but for us dog parents.

The items in my dogs pack varies based on activity. I do not pack the same items for the dog park, as I do for a doggy beach trip, but I pack WAY more when I’m off for a puppy photoshoot. Though the location may vary, there are a few key items that I never leave without packing!


  • Poop bags – I really appreciated the importance of these when I found Biscuit rolling around in a pile of another dogs poop at the Dog Park one day, that was a fun ride home. I linked a good variety pack above, but I honestly get my poop bags from the Dollar Tree- everything’s $1!

  • Travel water bowls – These are lifesavers! They’re so small and compactable you can take them anywhere. Plus they’re only a few dollars each. I usually find decent ones at Ross or Marshall’s.   

  • Gallon of water – You already know, even sweet furry angels need hydration.  

  • Leashes/harnesses – Sometimes we throw on just a collar + leash and go, but for more public outings I like to have the harness just in case.

  • Tropiclean Deodorizing Pet Wipes – I live for these puppy wipes! They are perfect for muddy paws. Whether it’s coming in from using the potty after a rain storm, or just a few hours of trotting around the dog park and wanting to avoid muddy paw prints on your car seats- either way, these wipes are super durable and come in handier than you would expect.

  • Travel Treat Bag- This is a great item for keeping puppy treats fresh. Especially if you’re only going to be gone less than a day, and have no need to bring the whole box of treats!




I hope some of you found this helpful ☺ If there are any key items that you pack for your pup that I haven’t thought of, please drop them in my comments!

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Amberly Lewis