The Perfect Doggy Date

Hello fellow dog-mama’s! You know I hate the thought of having all three of my fur babies cooped up at home day after day. I love finding new ideas on how to get them out of the house and still keep things wallet-friendly. I’m finding it’s harder to do in the city. But when Tyler and I decided to have dinner in Riverside, FL one night- I looked at my sweet baby Cash and thought “There’s no reason you can’t come with us, right?”. So that’s what we did! I googled “dog friendly restaurants in Riverside” and to my surprise there were way more than I expected. We decided on BurgerFI. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an AMAZING burger franchise! Tyler and I ate there once before and remember seeing dog water bowls accessible in the outside dining area. We figured that was our place!
I love all of my furry babies, but I am a realist. I know trying to bring 2 dogs and a puppy to a public restaurant would be no small task, so Cash was the only one fortunate enough to make this date.
Sorry Biscuit and Carlos, next time! xox

I ran inside and ordered while Tyler and Cash found us a nice table in the shade.

It was Friday- payday. We were treating ourselves to this nice date night so I figured what the hell? Cashy deserves a burger too! So along with our order, I ordered Cash a plain burger bun only. #treatyoself
This 1. Kept Cash entertained while Tyler and I enjoyed our burgers and 2. won me the award for best dog-mom. What a night, huh?


That big ol’ sweet face! Omg.

Seriously there are more things in your mundane schedule that you can always add a little more excitement to by bringing your dog along! If you need to run up to the road to use the ATM? Throw your pup in the passenger and let them tag along! It’s a quick trip for you but a whole world of excitement for them! I like to bring my dog(s) along with me when I’m going through one of those drive-thru car washes. It blows their minds! Lol. Which makes it always hilarious for me.

Are there any casual outside-of-the-home activities you do with your pups? Let me know!


Amberly Lewis