Play Date on the River

Hello my fellow dog lovers!

So last weekend Tyler and I decided that we wanted to shake things up. Usually every weekend we load up all three dogs and drive down the road to visit their favorite dog park. They get to be one with nature and visit all of their friends. Side note- the dog park has helped Biscuit out so much with his social anxiety! Now he’s just as bouncy and playful as the rest of them.

But like I said, this weekend we wanted to switch it up. So I called my friend, Miles and invited he and his dog, Nox to meet us at the river for a  relaxing doggy play date.



We had so much fun and all the dogs behaved so well! My dogs are used to fences and boundaries so I always get a little nervous taking all three of them to such open and exposed locations. Luckily they all 4 knew not to wonder off too far.

We all took turns throwing the tennis ball (bc tennis balls float and are so darn cheap) down the river and watching all 4 dogs chase after it vigorously. Once our turn was over we would retreat back to our sandy seat of seclusion and soak up the warm FL rays. Cash, Nox, and Biscuit are such water bugs. Cash and Nox spent most of their time running and splashing through the water, while Biscuit took the relatable stance of just laying out in the middle of the river.


That’s right, he found his ankle deep area of water and set up camp! Carlos on the other hand… This was Carlos’s first experience in a large body of water, in any water really besides his outside baby pool.




It’s safe to say that he does not share the same enthusiasm as his brothers when it comes to the water! Lol. He was not a fan. Mind you, most of this water was ankle deep, so Carlos didn’t need to swim in order to cross, but he still absolutely refused nonetheless. Considering this was a new experience and you could see the sheer terror on his face, I didn’t mind at all carrying him across.

Luckily enough, he began to warm up to the idea as the day went on. By the end of the day he was running and splashing with the best of them. Which made my heart smile.

We had so much fun at the river with Miles and Nox. It’s already given me some really high expectations for this summer! Now for the beach!




What’s your favorite dog friendly beach? Leave it in the comments!

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Amberly Lewis