How To Throw a Birthday For Your Pup! 

Hello all! 

So last weekend I threw a birthday party, for my dog. Complete with decorations, dog-safe birthday cake, doggy bags and more!

I stopped by the Dollar Tree the day before the party to grab paper plates, cups, cutlery, etc. but who actually sticks to their shopping list? I walked out of there with arms full of decorations. Anything from banners, table cloths, to center pieces- you can bet I had it. But considering it was the Dollar Tree, I deemed the spree justified. 

The next day, right before the party began I took a look around my house at all the puppy themed decor and silently thought, “Wow, this may be a little extreme even for me. ” but I loved every minute of it. 

Most of the small dogs remained inside, as to not get trampled by the larger dogs outside. Inside, I had a handy beverage station, along with a variety of dips, chips, sweets, and wings appropriately served in large dog bowls. I was going for snacky-hand held food since the party started shortly after lunch. 

Considering most of the (large) dogs would be outside, I decided to set up the puppy station out there, alongside grill master Tyler. This idea was my stroke of genius, as it prevented many a crumbly mess! 

The dog/puppy station was equipped with anything a four-legged angel could need. We had dog-safe birthday cake, Milk Bone treats party pack, carrots, and of course doggy bags for the ride home!  

Each doggy bag contained a squeaky toy, tennis ball, and a handful of Milk Bone dog treats. 

(All of the toys were subsequently purchased at the Dollar Tree)


I was so overwhelmed by the amount of people who showed up with their beloved dogs, to take part in Cash’s Backyard Puppy Birthday BBQ. I was honestly a little worried that people would think I’ve finally lost it, and would be too busy to attend.

The party proved to quite the contrary. There were so many people I would have to squeeze past to get to the other side of the room. There were so many dogs, that I had hundreds of little black paw prints all over my kitchen floor the next day. All of the dogs loved their treats, had a blast, and everyone got along!

All of the dog-parents really appreciated a low key event where they were able to bring their beloved little fur baby along with. 
I had so much fun hanging out with good friends, good food, and great dogs! This will definitely be a reoccurring event! 

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Amberly Lewis