Flea Remedies

Lately this FL weekend weather has been so beautiful and sunny, that I can’t bare to be inside! This means endless trips to dog parks, rivers, and outdoor dinners with my three pups. Subsequently, within the past few weeks I have noticed quite an influx in flea population.
This has never beena huge problemin our home. I use flea repellent products and always keep them current on their vaccinations and monthly meds. Due to all of this I have never had cause to buy actual flea medicine. With all the extra outdoor adventures we’ve been taking lately, it quickly became a problem.
So I wanted to share a few of the remedies that helped me control the situation while awaiting the order and fulfillment of my dogs new RX, now equipped to kill and repel fleas and ticks. 

 Tropiclean Maximun Strength Flea + Tick Dog Shampoo– Tropiclean is my go-to brand for dog shampoo. They have a shampoo type for every dog. Some of my favorites are Awapuhi and Coconut (for a shiny white coat), Oatmeal and Tea Tree (for dogs with dry skin), and Lime and Coconut (for deshedding).  So I almost instinctively ordered a bottle of the Max Strength Flea + Tick shampoo when I noticed the first sign of fleas, and it did not disappoint!


Flea Repellent Dog Treats (homemade)- In one of my very first blog posts I premiered the recipe for my favorite homemade dog treats! One of the ingredients being, Brewer’s Yeast, has flea repellent qualities along with being packed with protein, vitamins, and amino acids.


Vet’s Best Flea + Tick Home Spray– I love this spray because it kills the flea eggs along with the preexisting fleas. It’s also a plant based formula, so it lacks all the dangerous chemical compounds. Which makes this repellent spray safe to spray on your furniture as well as directly on your dog.


Flea Comb (home remedy)-  I wanted to try a more natural approach, so naturally, I turned to Google. I came across an article with a list of the best home remedies for repelling fleas. I chose the one that I considered to have the least harmful ingredients (and ingredients that I already had in my house). I sliced up a lemon and let it boil in water for about 15 minutes. I added a tbsp of white apple cider vinegar, and let the concoction cool over night. The next day I dipped their doggy-comb in the mix and brushed it through each of my dogs. All of the acidic compounds from the ingredients are said to kill fleas on contact, and still be natural and harmless to your dog.

Front Line Plus for Dogs- I will start by saying that I was not blown away by this product, especially when considering the price. The box came with three doses, which I found convenient considering I have three dogs, so I was hoping it would be worth it. I don’t want to say this product was completely ineffective, so let’s just say I never saw a difference after applying. However, the pro’s of this product, was that it was waterproof. Most of the flea and tick drops I came across forbade the dog be bathed within three days of use, so I appreciated the extra waterproof quality.

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Amberly Lewis