Dog Home Decor

I snagged up these goodies at Home GoodsI’m not sure what it is but I’ve always been partial to burlap! Maybe it’s the neutrals about it, how it has the ability to coordinate with any room. Or maybe it’s the rustic vintage-ness feel about it. Either way, I was so excited when I came across these pics! I cleared out a whole wall at my house and dedicated it to my doggy home decor pieces. I added some Fall themed flowers to the vase in the corner, which I feel was the perfect touch. The wall adjacent contains to my sliding glass door which adds enough light to really warm up the corner. The simplistic decor, fall inspired flowers, and touch of warm lighting makes this one of my favorite spots in my house. I feel all of these contributing factors greatly helps represent our little family.


I love flowers! I wish I had the time to keep up with them the way I would like, but my Dollar Tree artificials will do for now. 

Amberly Lewis