D.I.Y. *Treat Jar*

I’m backkkk! We had SO much fun in the Bahamas. Although, I almost didn’t know how to sleep without the extra 70 lbs of pure love and Cash lying across me. Like I said though, we were in the Bahamas so I got over it. 

*Nassau, Bahama’s 2016 ft. my boyfriend Tyler, myself, my bestie, and her man. Such a fun trip!*


I’ve been rattling my brain all weekend for inspiration for this week’s post. Of course inspo hit the night before, but hey I ran with it! I’ve been wanting to jazz up my doggy treat jar that lives on my kitchen counter,  but I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to take it…


While unpacking I stumbled upon some prior craft scraps. I.e. Burlap that I used to decorate my 2015 Christmas tree (Garland- too main stream for me),  and also a piece of 1×1 yd lace fabric that I bought from Walmart a while back- I used this to update my bedroom suit by spray painting the top with this fun lace design.
Long story short, inspo hit when I stumbled upon these old products!

All the products I used to update my jar are pictured above

*Products I already had*

*Products I bought*

All of these products are pretty basic and can be found pretty much anywhere, but I went ahead and linked the websites to where I found my specific products. Also, as you can see I didn’t spend much money on this project at all!

Step 1
I made my burlap bow before I started anything else. It took me less than 5 minutes to make- thanks to the very first and very helpful YouTube link <– I found.

Step 2
I covered my little chalk sticker in painters tape. As to not be effected by the spray paint. Obviously.

Step 3
Set the fabric in place on the jar. This took some rigging and manipulation. It was difficult because 1. It’s hard to get anything completely smooth on a round/cylindrical surface. 2. I couldn’t find anything to hold the fabric in place while I sprayed. I ended up using an old phone charger (lol) to tie-up the fabric around the top of the jar- this actually worked out better than I could have expected.


*Disregard Cash being nosy*

Step 4
Spray paint away! Since I had some of my left-over red chevron burlap, I decided to stick with the theme and RED would be my spray paint color of choice. But boy I wasn’t expecting to luck up so much as I did when I found this red spray paint infused with RED GLITTER in the Walmart paint aisle.
*Tossed in cart with no hesitation*


***Tip while spraying: Don’t hold your spray can right up to the object you’re painting. Hold the bottle a few inches back and let the paint simply mist over your object. This will prevent splotching and smudging paint under your fabric. ***

Step 5
Let your jar dry for about 10-minutes before removing the lace fabric. Once you remove the fabric and your paint is dry > apply a thin layer of this Gloss Clear coat. This will prevent your paint from chipping or sticking to your counter tops. Let this top coat dry for another 10 minutes.


Step 6
This is where I got a little crafty with my old scraps. Take your scrap piece of burlap (or your choice of fabric/ribbon) and glue it around the jars edge. Let glue dry for a minute or two.


Step 7
Add your BOW! I’m SO pleased/surprised with how well mine turned out. I waited until the bow was glued on before I trimmed and cut out the two bottom pieces- to ensure ideal length.

Step 8
It’s safe to remove your painters tape now.

Step 9
Fill with TREATS and enjoy your work of art!


I was so proud of my spontaneous recreation- that I upgraded my treat jar placement from back corner of the kitchen counter > front and center of my kitchen island.

Alternatives: If you don’t dig the chalk window you can always try Thickers, or any generic “Treats” stencil.
I’ve always been partial to burlap, I love the rustic and neutrals about it. But if it’s not your thing you can always try any variation of fabric or ribbon. 

I’m not at all as crafty as I may appear, but I’ll say it again, I’m so proud of my jazzed-up treat jar! It took all of 30 minutes out of my day and $10-$20 out of my account. I couldn’t help but share with you.
#successfulDIY #DIYWIN


Amberly Lewis