5 Dog Friendly Activities in Jacksonville, FL

The bigger my dogs get the more of a problem it becomes… I felt guilty being gone 8+ hours a day and leaving my dogs stuck in the house for hours at a time (with the exception of potty breaks and neighborhood walks of course).

Living in the city presents a problem in itself, I don’t exactly have the land acreage I did back in my hometown… There is no “Oh just leave the door open and let them be outside for a while.” Nor is there “Oh he’ll come back when he’s hungry”.
No, the city-correct version of that story ends “Now he’s lost in 4 lanes of rush hour traffic on I-295” or “a homeless schizophrenic has found him and now they’ve become best friends… for now”


So to avoid all of the above ^  I started looking for {cheap} outdoor {dog-friendly} activities to do around my city, Jacksonville FL.


My 5 Favorites Are-


1. Hiking at Little Talbot Island
It’s a nice, clean, wide, woodsy, walk/biking trail that takes about an hour and a half round trip. When you get to the end of the trail, it opens up to the beach. Though dogs aren’t technically allowed on the beach, you’re welcome to stand on the sand dunes which creates an even better view. Be sure to pack a bottle of water and $5.00 for parking.


2. Amelia Island Beach
Amelia Island Beach is one of the few beaches in NE Florida that allows dogs 24/7 and has FREE access!

3. Suns Baseball “Bark In the Park”
My boyfriend Tyler LOVES sports, especially baseball. His die-hard favorite team is the NY Mets, but whenever we can we try to make it to out local baseball games for Bark In the Park!
Bark in the Park Facebook Page

4. Riverside Arts Market
Riverside Arts Market (RAM) is a local outdoor market that always has something different to offer! There are always interchanging artists/vendors set-up and ready to showcase local art and original products. Dogs of course are always welcome and the best part is admission is always free!
RAM Facebook Page

5. BARK Boutique
Bark Boutique is one of my biggest guilty pleasures as a dog-owner/lover. Why? You might ask. Because they’re a one stop shop to all things DOG!
From homemade dog treats > premium foods > accessories > leashes and collars > grooming essentials > boarding > doggy day care> and even doggy training classes. The best part is everything is organic and naturally made!
{My go-to there is the Peanut Butter flavored ice cream for dogs… My dogs go crazy for it}
BARK Boutique Website


Amberly Lewis