Thanksgiving Foods for Dogs: Do’s and Don’ts

Thanksgiving is such a special and “giving” time of the year. It’s hard not to want to spread that same generosity to the furriest member of your family too! I know your mouth is watering right now just thinking of all of those sweet smelling juices and spices- don’t you think your dog smells that too? So you know what? This year, don’t feel bad about sneaking your dog a piece of turkey goodness under the table. Just follow these tips!

- Turkey
- Pure Pumpkin
- Plain Yams
- Carrots
- Green Beans
- Plain Potatoes
- Plain Cranberries
- Apple slices
- Broccoli
- Cheese
- Spinach
- Cooked Sweet potatoes
- Winter Squash
- Zucchini


- Alcohol (duh)
- Cooked Bones (Cooked bones will splinter)
- Turkey Skin (Skins contain a lot of high fatty foods that may be difficult for your dog to digest)
- Nuts (specifically Walnuts or Macadamia nuts)
- Grapes/Raisins
- Onions/Garlic (these items contain sulfides which are toxic to your dog)
- Chocolate (another, duh)
- Scallions/Chives
- Nutmeg (Nutmeg has been known to cause seizures and negatively affect your dog’s central nervous system)
- Sage (Sage contains essential oils that can upset your dog’s stomach)

I hope this was helpful, and we all learned something!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Amberly LewisComment