Birdee’s Birthday Party

Hello all!

A few weekends ago I attended the first birthday party of the cutest, sassiest, little beagle named Birdee Mae!

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Since we already had all three of our pups loaded up, brushed, and dressed in their best party bandanas, we decided to start the day off at the vet. Two birds, one stone kind of thing. They were all given their annual shots and we were finally able to get Biscuit microchipped. Fun fact, I asked the Dr if she had any idea what breed of dog Carlos could be - we’ve always wondered, but have never known - she said her best guess would be a chihuahua-lab mix! Which is thought was hilarious and I can totally see it! So I guess this means all of my dogs have lab in them, clearly I have a type.

After the vet we made our way to the puppy party! We were a little early so we were able to finish help setting up. The birthday dog Dad, one of my besties Cody, found the most appropriate theme/decor! Purple, blue, and everything beagle!

Complete with:

- Puppy themed photo booth and props

- A buffet style snack station with food (most appropriately) served out of oversized dog bowls for the people

- Homemade baked treats for the pups

- A table for gifts

- Treat bags for all of the children in attendance

- Separate treat bags for all of the pups!

- A game of Pin the Tail on the Beagle

- A huge grassy green yard for all of the dogs to run and play!


We kicked the party off with everyone’s favorite part, food! What does one serve at a puppy party you might ask? Why hot dogs of course! Hotdogs with all the sides, dips, and sweets one could want! After eating everyone mingled, took pictures, and enjoyed watching all of the dogs run and play together. We ended the party by watching Cody and Birdee open all of her gifts. Lots of new treats and toys!

I know there are people who may think it’s a bit cheesy or ‘extra’ to throw a birthday party for your pup, but there is something so fun and lighthearted about getting together with all of your friends and their beloved pups and just watching them have fun and be free together!

I look forward to {hopefully} attending many more puppy parties in the future!

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